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After a straightforward and natural birth with our firstborn, we were looking forward to the birth of our second baby with excitement and anticipation. Cherie was starting out as a Calmbirth practitioner and approached us to ask if were interested in completing the course with her. Life was busy with work and a toddler and I wasn’t getting as much time to focus and prepare for the birth as I did with our first so we thought it would be a good opportunity to help us prepare and get “in the zone”.

Our baby was 9 days overdue and I was wanting to avoid any intervention, however after a brief scare the day before I was becoming anxious and wanted to meet her. After negotiating with the doctors, they let me go home from the hospital at 9pm after they had given me some of the gel to get things happening. After getting home at 9:15pm and sitting down to a cup of tea before bed, I felt the first contraction at 9:32pm. They were mild but regular for the first 45 mins and by about 10:15pm I knew it was time to focus and to put into practice what we had learnt. We left home for the hospital at 1:40am and by 3:09am on Thursday the 16th April 2015, Lucella Grace Taylor entered the world weighing 3.85kg after another straightforward and calm labour.

We both found Calmbirth to be really helpful – the breathing techniques were especially useful both before and during the birth (I even used them for intense leg cramps during the night in the late stages of pregnancy!!) I strongly believe in mental preparation before childbirth and believe that Calmbirth encourages the use of various strategies during labour. We also found it helpful to understand the way childbirth has been designed and to have the knowledge and confidence to trust my body through the process. Cherie is wonderful and has such a beautiful passion for childbirth. Her calming, welcoming and relaxed nature was so refreshing and the course helps equip and prepare you for however your story may unfold. We would definitely recommend Cherie as a Calmbirth practitioner if you are hoping for a positive birth experience.

Joel & Marissa

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