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Our first child Max was born 07/02/2018 at 13:55 at 38 +2 weeks, weighing 6lbs 1oz.
My waters broke at 10.35 in the morning with contractions starting quickly after 2 minutes apart. Soon after we made our way to the hospital, at this point things were very intense and I needed nitrous oxide. Shortly after I felt that “involuntary need to push” Cherie had told us about, I had my one and only internal exam and was fully dilated. After a 25 minute stage 2 Max was born (3 hours 20 minutes after my waters broke).
Following Calmbirth with Cherie my husband and I practised the skills learnt in class leading right up until labour.
I felt a sense of relaxation, excitement and openness regarding labour following Calmbirth. My husband and I felt informed and empowered, especially in regard to what to expect during each stage of labour.
We could not have asked for a better labour and I believe feeling so laid back leading up to the big day allowed it to happen so quickly and calmly. Following your Calmbirth course we felt so prepared and informed, especially relating to what to expect during each stage of labour.
Thank you Cherie for making our experience as calm and special as it was.
Alex & Emma

Oliver George

Calmbirth couple story


We had Oliver on December 4 at 37+3 weeks. I developed Cholestasis (a potentially fatal liver condition) late in my pregnancy so bubs had to come out. It was quite scary but definitely the best outcome for both of us. I was induced in the morning. Having my waters broken and the syntocin drip inserted meant my labour progressed fairly quickly once I got to the second stage and it was intense!

Throughout my labour and I had a really strong sense of hubby and I working together as a team. I had practised the breathing techniques I learnt in the Calmbirth class daily and had memorised some birthing mantras, so I was able to focus on my breathing as my contractions increased and built in strength, and it’s what gave me a focus and got me through (along with his support). Being hooked up to the drip meant I wasn’t able to labour in the water but I was able to use the shower with the water angled to my lower back, which at 3.30pm was where bub was born, weighing 6 lb 8 oz.

I would highly recommend Calmbirth. Not only did the classes give us a pregnancy and labour refresh (this being our second baby), it helped calm me and deal with my anxieties following a miscarriage between baby one and two. I learnt to trust my body and not fight it, which resulted in an empowering birth experience. Thanks so much Cherie, I’m so pleased we did this class with you 🙂

Sophia Iris

I felt a bit off in the morning and realised I was having proper contractions. About 2pm we laboured at home for a while using Calmbirth strategies especially breathing techniques, using movement (fitball) and massage. Adam was confident and knew what to expect and how he could help and support me, which was invaluable.

I called my midwife and she said it all sounded like early labour. By about 6pm I was feeling the urge to push so we decided to go the hospital even through she had said we could probably say at home longer.  When we got to hospital I was fully dilated and ready to push!

Sophia Iris was born via natural delivery on the 12th of December at 8.47pm, weighing 7lb 2oz with no pain relief other than panadol early in the day.

Thank you for your help and knowledge – I feel like Calmbirth really gave me an understanding of what was happening and helped me to stay calm for a birth experience I wanted.

Best wishes, Lisa & Adam

Mabel Ruby Dunlop

We wanted to let you know that Mabel Ruby Dunlop was born on the 1 Nov at 138am, 4kg, natural birth- 2.5 hours!! It was a positive experience!! We know that calm birth training was vital, at times I was a bit too calm and the midwives didn’t think I was in active labour. Thank you very much for providing such important guidance in our community for expecting mothers. We will recommend it to anyone.

Leah and Jim

Connor Alexander James

We certainly are settling well into life with our beautiful son, Connor Alexander James. In the blink of an eye our long awaited bump has been earth-side for 14 weeks. Connor was born at 1 pm on the 1st of February. Our birthing experience started three days before Connor finally entered the world. I was excited when early labour kicked in at 1 am on a Monday morning, knowing that I was getting closer to meeting my baby. Despite the excitement I tried hard to remain patient and distracted myself over the next couple of days with meditations, baths, resting and walking. We were able to remain at home throughout most of the first stage of labour, eventually going to the hospital around 7 am on the morning of the 1st. Daniel remained with me throughout the entire birth and was fantastic, he was certainly more than just a ‘glorified water boy’. Daniel was able to massage my back when needed, assisted with my breathing, advocated on my behalf and encouraged me to repeat mantras. I also had two fabulous midwives who were aware of my birthing intentions and supported my calm birthing techniques. My intention was to have a drug free birth, the midwives were aware of this and I asked that drugs not be offered, I would ask if I felt it was something I needed. Not once did I consider needing drugs. Despite not having any drugs there was no unmanageable pain and no screaming, I was in a completely natural high which helped me to remain centered and calm throughout the 4.5 hours of active labour. Connor was born into my arms and remained with me for the next couple of hours.The birth of Connor was truly the most wonderful experience in my life. Whilst holding Connor I can recall telling Daniel and the midwives that I could not wait to do it all over again just minutes after his birth and I truly meant it.

I know that without the calm birthing classes I would have went into labour feeling anxious, instead I was able to exchange those feelings for confidence. Thank you for giving Daniel and I the resources, tools and confidence to bring Connor into this world with total calmness.

Louise & Daniel


“William arrived safely on March 25. It was a much better experience this time. I found the Calmbirth® techniques helpful, especially at the beginning stages. They were also helpful after the birth when I was a bit unwell, it helped me to not panic. Thanks very much!”