Connor Alexander James

We certainly are settling well into life with our beautiful son, Connor Alexander James. In the blink of an eye our long awaited bump has been earth-side for 14 weeks. Connor was born at 1 pm on the 1st of February. Our birthing experience started three days before Connor finally entered the world. I was excited when early labour kicked in at 1 am on a Monday morning, knowing that I was getting closer to meeting my baby. Despite the excitement I tried hard to remain patient and distracted myself over the next couple of days with meditations, baths, resting and walking. We were able to remain at home throughout most of the first stage of labour, eventually going to the hospital around 7 am on the morning of the 1st. Daniel remained with me throughout the entire birth and was fantastic, he was certainly more than just a ‘glorified water boy’. Daniel was able to massage my back when needed, assisted with my breathing, advocated on my behalf and encouraged me to repeat mantras. I also had two fabulous midwives who were aware of my birthing intentions and supported my calm birthing techniques. My intention was to have a drug free birth, the midwives were aware of this and I asked that drugs not be offered, I would ask if I felt it was something I needed. Not once did I consider needing drugs. Despite not having any drugs there was no unmanageable pain and no screaming, I was in a completely natural high which helped me to remain centered and calm throughout the 4.5 hours of active labour. Connor was born into my arms and remained with me for the next couple of hours.The birth of Connor was truly the most wonderful experience in my life. Whilst holding Connor I can recall telling Daniel and the midwives that I could not wait to do it all over again just minutes after his birth and I truly meant it.

I know that without the calm birthing classes I would have went into labour feeling anxious, instead I was able to exchange those feelings for confidence. Thank you for giving Daniel and I the resources, tools and confidence to bring Connor into this world with total calmness.

Louise & Daniel

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