Jed Maxwell

Born 1st April 2016

Calmbirth Story:

My labour did not begin as I had hoped or expected. I wanted as little medical intervention as possible, however at the advice of my midwife I was induced at 10 days over. I had the cervidil overnight at the hospital, and then my waters broken at 8am the following morning.
Labour then seemed to progress well, albeit a little slow. Contractions were becoming increasingly harder, but found I was able to manage well with the breathing techniques we learnt in Calmbirth. However things weren’t moving quick enough for the doctors so I was put on an IV of syntocinon to speed things up. Soon after, the contractions escalated to a whole new intensity which, without the Calmbirth breathing and visualisation techniques we learnt, I would not have managed very well. At 3pm, after a six hour labour Jed was born, healthy and absolutely perfect.
In circumstances that were not ideal I know that the techniques and knowledge I gained in Calmbirth were more important than ever to getting me through labour in a calm(ish) manner.


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