Luca James

Calmbirth –

Luca James born January 13th,  7 pound 12 and 53cm.

It was not at all what I had hoped for in my birthing experience unfortunately, but that’s just that way things go sometimes. I was induced on the night of my due date (due to high blood pressure throughout my pregnancy they didn’t want me to go past my due date), they broke my waters the next morning. Nothing was happening naturally so they started me on they syntocinon drip. After about 6 hours of mild contractions strapped to the bed things became a bit more intense and painful and my blood pressure went really high. Each time I had a contraction babies heart rate dropped a bit. I had the epidural to lower my blood pressure and after that everything stopped, no more contractions and I only dilated to 4cm. Babies heart rate was back to normal and he was happy.

We then decided to have a c section rather than waiting it out to see if anything progressed on its own as the drip was at its highest dose and we waited a few hours and nothing was happening. At 10.17pm Luca was born. It was a long and scary day but all worth it in the end.

I would definitely say the Calmbirth classes helped with breathing through the pain and having lots on knowledge on hand for all scenarios.

He is 2 weeks old now and doing really well. He is definitely a calm baby and we are trying hard to be calm parents 🙂


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