Oliver George

Calmbirth couple story


We had Oliver on December 4 at 37+3 weeks. I developed Cholestasis (a potentially fatal liver condition) late in my pregnancy so bubs had to come out. It was quite scary but definitely the best outcome for both of us. I was induced in the morning. Having my waters broken and the syntocin drip inserted meant my labour progressed fairly quickly once I got to the second stage and it was intense!

Throughout my labour and I had a really strong sense of hubby and I working together as a team. I had practised the breathing techniques I learnt in the Calmbirth class daily and had memorised some birthing mantras, so I was able to focus on my breathing as my contractions increased and built in strength, and it’s what gave me a focus and got me through (along with his support). Being hooked up to the drip meant I wasn’t able to labour in the water but I was able to use the shower with the water angled to my lower back, which at 3.30pm was where bub was born, weighing 6 lb 8 oz.

I would highly recommend Calmbirth. Not only did the classes give us a pregnancy and labour refresh (this being our second baby), it helped calm me and deal with my anxieties following a miscarriage between baby one and two. I learnt to trust my body and not fight it, which resulted in an empowering birth experience. Thanks so much Cherie, I’m so pleased we did this class with you 🙂

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