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The calmbirth® philosophy is based on the belief that pregnancy, labour and birth are normal life events and that birth is a natural process to be experienced in a calm and joyfully memorable way.  Calmbirth® seeks to alleviate the fear and anxiety many pregnant couples feel about their approaching labour and birth.

The classes educate the pregnant couple in the understanding of the birth process, how the mother’s body works as well as teaches skills for the couple to use up to and during their labour and birth. The aim of the calmbirth® programme is to empower couples to take back the focus of control for their own birthing experience. In calmbirth® the role of the father or birthing companion is vitally important, all three, mother, baby, father/birth companion work in tandem. In the classes fathers/birth companions learn how to support the mother,Calmbirth making the experience one of joy for all concerned.

Calmbirth® has stood the test of time since its inception in 2004, and is still leading the way in childbirth education, training and ongoing research in Australia and abroad. It is also one of the first childbirth education programs to be evidence based and clinically and scientifically proven.

Calmbirth®  is a childbirth education program created by  Peter Jackson in 2005. As a midwife in a country hospital for over 20 years, Peter witnessed mothers whose experience of childbirth was one of fear, anxiety and trauma.  The calmbirth® childbirth education programme is the result of his search for a way to help modern mothers rediscover their birth power and joy.

The course outline is:

1. Understanding the psychology of birth and how your mental state, thoughts and beliefs leading up to and on the day not only dictates your experience of birth, but also the way your body works with labour and birth.
2. The physiology of birth…how does your body give birth.
3. Tools, techniques and practical skills to assist you mentally and physically
4. The role of the partner and what they can do to help
5. Preparation for all birth journeys – working with intervention.
6. Conscious parenting – ensuring you are aware of the role your baby plays and the role you are playing in assisting your baby into the world.

Classes can be run over 2 full days OR four evenings.

Calmbirth®recommends that you come anywhere from 24-34 weeks gestation. If you are feeling particularly anxious we suggest you come earlier, but usually this time frame is recommended as it gives the couple plenty of time to prepare, reflect and practice the different tools and techniques they will learn in the program.

Participants receive a class book and USB which they take away and use to practice the Relaxation and Creative Visualization techniques they learn in the class.

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